About the Editor

Hi! I am Priscilla, a product of Babcock University and Aston University. I am a Teaching Fellow in Information and Communications Technology. I love teaching and am interested in learning about effective and efficient approaches to learning and teaching. I am also passionate about learning, teaching and researching the impact of information technology on businesses today. You will find out more about me as you navigate through this site.

My current teaching activities include teaching IT related modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The modules I teach often focus more on the business implications of using IT, with a view to raising or developing future hybrid managers who can effectively leverage IT in any business establishment. Read more…

My research interests revolve around e-business, with particular emphasis on m-Commerce adoption. I’m also interested in researching the impact of IT adoption on businesses, particularly micro and small businesses. Identifying ways of optimizing learning and teaching in higher education is also another area of research I’m interested in. Read more…

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