About Priscillahub

Priscillahub was conceived as a platform to showcase and reflect on my passion and commitment to teaching, nurturing and exploring. No doubt, teaching in higher education can be demanding and comes with its challenges, nonetheless, my love for teaching keeps me going, especially on days when I’m tempted to ask: “how did I get here?” By discussing aspects of my journey as a teacher, mentor, and researcher, it is my hope that this platform will inspire everyone with similar experiences to engage and share for the benefit of all.

My teaching journey continues to benefit from the input of dedicated and committed teachers, which explains why Priscillahub celebrates and showcases amazing teachers who have gone above and beyond their remit to achieve ground-breaking, sustainable impact on learners, particularly, in higher education. Beyond this, public opinion can sometimes single-out teachers as solely responsible for student performance or graduate quality, without considering other plausible mitigating factors that run behind the scene. This platform will highlight less-obvious or unseen aspects of learning and teaching, including the teacher’s perspective, in order to educate the public about the flip side of learning and teaching.

Priscillahub also seeks to provide a safe space to navigate issues relating to learning and teaching, as well as research and mentorship with the aim of offering alternative narratives. In addition, the platform seeks to focus on the bright side of life, considering the vast amount of negativity spreading online. The discussions on this platform will highlight positives.

Ultimately, it is my hope that Priscillahub will bring smiles on your face, stir up passion for positive impact, stimulate and inspire learning, and encourage productive discussions on various topics, as there are opportunities to engage and interact on this platform. So, feel free to get your voice heard! Priscillahub welcomes you on board and wishes you a bon voyage experience!